Continuous Mixed Flow Dryer

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new dryer03Our state of the art mixed flow dryers are the most effecient dryers on the market.

Our Fan under models are capable of drying up to 5000 bph while our conventional dryers can dry up to a whopping 7100 bph! 

Grain Handler owners consistently see higher quality grain, an increased test weight a lower energy cost per bushel. 





Catwalks and Towers

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100% G90 galvan catwalkized steel increases resistance to the elements and reduces maintenance

Adjustable Conveyor Supports

Accommodates Conveyor Widths  to 26”

Clear Span 85’ with 5,000 bph Conveyor

Clear Span 60’ with 15,000 bph Conveyor



Bucket Elevators and Grain Legs

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bucket elevatorGrain Handler Bucket Elevators move your grain efficiently and gently.

During the receiving or load out process, the Grain Handler elevator provides maximum throughput with less grain damage.

Durable G90 construction is excellent for corrosion resistance and longevity. Inspection doors standard on both sides of head section, gasketed and hinged for ease of access.

Heavy Duty Pillow Block Bearings, with Stress Proof Shafting.

Crown Faced Drum Style Head Pulley with SOF Holz weld on lagging, for excellent traction, longer life and minimized downtime. Several lining options are available.




Double Barrel Grain Mover

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db grain moverGrain Handler’s Double Barrel Grain Mover is a versatile chain conveyor that utilizes galvanized tube housing to gently convey a wide range of grain or grain products horizontally, or at angles of up to 60 degrees.

You can move grain efficiently and at high capacities while using less horsepower and causing less product damage than traditional conveying systems.

The unique UHMW paddle keeps grain flowing evenly from inlet to discharge, taking the place of traditional auger flighting.

This may be used individually or as part of our complete loop system.



Temperature Monitoring System

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tmsRemote 24 x 7 monitoring of your dryer

Aids in preventing fires that can ruin your commodity and damage your dryer

Quick and easy setup with user friendly touch screen.

Stationary temperature sensors provide consistent measurement points and monitoring every 10 seconds.





Catwalk Assembly and Installation

Bucket Elevator Install and Operation