Field data on performance of Grain Handler Dryers
Btu/pound of H20 removed
Fuel Cost Per Bushel
Electric Cost Per Bushel
Drying Cost in cents / bushel (gas | electric)

Message: The figures below were provided to Grain Handler by the owners of one of our largest dryers. This kind of performance is consistent with that realized by other owners of our dryers. We will be gathering additional data from LP-gas users. Thank you for your interest, we will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

Dryer Model / Location: GH 2418 St. Charles, MN
Capacity: 3000 bu/hr at five points
Period of Performance: Oct. through Dec 15, 1991
Avg. Ambient Temp: 40 deg. F
Avg. Drying Temp. Plenum: 200 deg. F
Relative Humidity: 50 to 80%
Corn Wet Bushels in: 413,964 bu.
Avg. Wet Moisture: 21.2 %
Avg. "dried to" Moisture: 14.9%
Pounds of H20 Removed: 1,716,175.1 lbs (H20 shrink factor method)
Same Period Gas Bill: $ 7,233
Dollars per 100 cubic feet: $ 0.35542
Cubic Feet of Gas Used: 2,035,057 ft^3
Btu per cubic foot (Methane): 1010 Btu / ft^3
Btu's Used: 2,055,407,686 Btu

Btu per pound H20: 1198 Btu / lb water Removed

Fuel cost per Bushel: 1.75 cents per Bushel

Same Period Electric Bill: # 3189 (included pit conveyor & 2 legs)

Electric Cost per Bushel: 0.77 cents per Bushel

Drying Cost per Bushel: 2.52 cents per Bushel (gas + electric)