Continuous Mixed Flow Grain Dryer Series - Download Brochure

 phoca thumb l new dryer02   • The only single phase drying system in the industry with up to 5000 bph drying capacity.
   • Lower energy costs and higher retention time in the dryer results in a higher quality and test weight grain.
   • Mixed Flow design is capable of drying all types of grains at equal rates.
   • Larger holding capacity allows grains to be tempered or heated over a longer period of time, resulting in less stress cracks.
   • 40-45 cfm of air per bushel compared to 80-100 cfm of air per bushel on cross flow screen dryers, resulting in less fuel consumption.
   • Food grade quality drying of any grain commodity.
   • 400-7400 bph drying capacity.
   • All models are engineered to be easily expanded.
   • All models are designed with an enclosed top, which eliminates moisture problems associated with rain and snow exposure.
   • Fuel source options available: Natural Gas, LP, LNG, and Butane
   • Low maintenance, no screens to clean.


Catwalks and Towers - Download Brochure

catwalk thumb  • 100% G90 galvanized steel increases resistance to the elements and reduces maintenance
  • Adjustable Conveyor Supports
  • Accommodates Conveyor Widths to 26”
  • Clear Span 85’ with 5,000 bph Conveyor •Clear Span 60’ with 15,000 bph Conveyor




Bucket Elevators/Grain Legs - Download Brochure 

elevator leg thumb • Grain Handler Bucket Elevators move your grain efficiently and gently.
 • Grain Handler elevator provides maximum throughput with less grain damage.
 • Durable G90 construction is excellent for corrosion resistance and longevity.
 • Inspection doors standard on both sides of head section, gasketed and hinged for ease of access.
 • Heavy Duty Pillow Block Bearings, with Stress Proof Shafting.
 • Crown Faced Drum Style Head Pulley with SOF Holz weld on lagging, for excellent traction, longer life and minimized downtime.








Double Barrel Grain Mover - Download Brochure

double barrel thumb  • A Versatile chain conveyor that utilizes galvanized tube housing to gently convey a wide range of grain horizontally, or at angles of up to 60 degrees.
 • Move grain efficiently and at high capacities while using less horsepower and causing less product damage than traditional conveying systems.
 • The unique UHMW paddle keeps grain flowing evenly from inlet to discharge, taking the place of traditional auger flighting.
 • This may be used individually or as part of our complete loop system.







Temperature Monitoring System - Download Brochure

tms thumb • Temperature sensors may be mounted anywhere in the grain columns.
 • Can be monitored from your smart phone or computer if internet connection is enabled.
 • Remote 24 x 7 monitoring of your dryer
 • Aids in preventing fires that can ruin your commodity and damage your dryer
 • Quick and easy setup with user friendly touch screen.
 • Stationary temperature sensors provide consistent measurement points and monitoring every 10 seconds.